Sustainability Project Coordinator Wanted

The Sustainable Condo exhibit, created by EcoSmart, generated tremendous public and media interest at the last Globe 2004 trade show and conference. EcoSmart is looking for a Sustainability Project Coordinator to help expand the Sustainable Condo initiative and work on related activities. This position represents a unique opportunity to collaborate with leading edge sustainability professionals on a very challenging but rewarding project.
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Novex Transportation Case Study

Novex is a medium-sized business which has implemented simple costeffective environmental solutions with involvement at all levels of business: from customers to drivers. Building awareness and understanding of the benefits of being eco-efficient, was the first step in engaging its Novexs staff and drivers. The company has found that as a result of Novex Clean, staff morale has improved as well as productivity. To check out the Novex Case study done by the GVRD, follow the link below.
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Primer Part 3d: Transportation

Primer Part 3d: Transportation The Primer’s purpose is to act as an initial step in raising knowledge of sustainability, and to function as a simple, readily accessible resource on sustainability for engineers and geoscientists. This module explores practical ways to apply the sustainability principles within the transportation field. Please see the “In Detail” section below if you would like to brouse specific sections of the module.
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Call for Papers: Conference of the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology

Call for Papers: Conference of the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology. The Conference will be held June 10-13, 2004 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, with the theme “Let’s Get Growing”. Please see the website for further details. Abstract submissions are due December 15, 2003 .
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Distance Education Course at Harvard: “Sustainability: The Challenge of Changing our Institutions”

Distance Education Course at Harvard: ENVR E-117 “Sustainability: The Challenge of Changing our Institutions, beginning in September 2003 . Course information: “The principles and practice of environmental sustainability for institutions and individuals will be taught and demonstrated in this course. The course will focus on the university sector as a case study for examining how organizations with complex structures make a myriad of decisions with environmental consequences. The course will provide students with a thorough exploration of methods and approaches that can be drawn upon to catalyze organizations, such as universities, to pursue environmental sustainability. Illustrative examples of university sustainability programs, including campus planning, building design and operations, energy supply, purchasing practices, food services and waste management among others, will be presented. These examples will be further explored to reveal strategies for generating engagement, learning capacity and behavioral change at the level of both the individual and the organization. Financial, environmental, political, cognitive and organizational dimensions will be addressed. The course is designed to cover three key topic areas: 1. Institutional Impact 2. Institutional Operations 3. Institutional Transformation Students will ideally leave this course with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to develop their own capacities as change agents, leaders or catalysts for generating institutional commitment to environmental sustainability within a myriad of organizational settings. See here for more information on syllabus and registration information. To request a syllabus via email, please contact Maggie Husak, **************************************************************************************************************** This course will be offered under the umbrella of the Environmental Studies program at the Harvard University Extension School, and will be available online as a part of the Distance Education Program. The Distance Education Program allows a student to take this course from any location as long as s/he can access the course website. For details on Distance Education through the Extension School, click here . For information on registration, please visit the Harvard University Extension School website (see link below). For further information on course content, please contact Maggie Husak, To learn more about the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, please visit our website .
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Canada Green Building Council newsletter

Click on the link below to read about the newly formed Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). This is the summer 2003 issue of the newsletter. More information on the CaGBC can be found by clicking on the link to the website below.
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CCPE Climate Change Action Plan- Consultation Draft

The CCPE Climate Change Action Plan- Consultation Draft can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page. Exerpts from the letter by the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) Chair, seeking consultation on this draft from CCPE (and its constituent Associations’) members: “The CEQB has drafted an action plan to follow up the national workshop on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation: The Role of Canada’s Engineers held in Ottawa in late February 2003. Eleven of the twelve associations/ordre sent representatives to this national workshop, where the ideas that form the basis of this action plan were formulated. The CEQB wishes to initiate the formal consultation process with each of the twelve Constituent Members of the by circulating the Draft Action Plan. We are seeking the support of your association/ordre to work in partnership with CCPE. This is an issue in which the engineering profession can provide true leadership and make a meaningful contribution. The three-year plan has an Executive Summary that includes a table that proposes an allocation of roles and responsibilities of the CCPE and the associations/ordre to carry out the six action areas identified in the plan.” The CCPE seeks answers to the specific questions below. APEGBC will draft a formal written response on behalf of its members. All feedback should be sent to 1. Do you support, in principle the Draft Action Plan proposed by the CCPE? Please detail any areas of concern or to be clarified. 2. Do you support the involvement of the engineering profession in the climate change impact and adaptation issue to the extent as defined in this plan? If not, what aspects should we be involved or what other activity areas could we participate? 3. What would be the nature of, and any condition for, the participation of the association/ordre in the Action Plan? 4. Would/should your association/ordre consider adding climate change impact and adaptation to the program of your Annual General Meeting inn 2004? 5. Would/should your association publish articles on this theme in your newsletters, magazines and other forms of communication and if so, on what basis? 6. Do you have any ideas to raise the general awareness and consideration of this issue among your engineers? 7. Do you agree with the six action areas in the plan and the proposed allocation of roles and responsibilities in each of these areas? Thank you for your input.
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Sustainable Olympic 2010

The 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympic Games represent an extraordinary opportunity for engineers and geoscientists to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of sustainable engineering. Green building, renewable energy, hydrogen technology, sustainable municipal development, low impact transportation, zero-emission devices, energy-efficient electric and electronic equipments, … the planning, design, manufacturing, development, operation, maintenance of the billion dollar infrastructure, equipment and services required for the Olympic Games can and should be done according to the principles of sustainability. The games will require a wide range of engineering services. The Olympic organizers are committed to sustainability. The Sustainability Committee of APEGBC is looking forward to helping the games to achieve this objective.
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Conference Proceedings: Regional Perspectives on Climate Change in Northern BC

Regional Perspectives on Climate Change in Northern BC, Prince George, February 20, 2003 From Julia James at C-CIARN: This workshop brought together researchers and stakeholders to exchange information on climate change vulnerability and adaptation in Northern British Columbia. It was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection, C-CIARN BC and the University of Northern British Columbia. The proceedings from this workshop are now available in PDF format on the C-CIARN BC website: (follow link below) Julia James Coordinator C-CIARN British Columbia Canadian Climate Impact and Adaptation Research Network Institute of Resources and Environment University of British Columbia 436A-2206 East Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3 Phone: (604) 822-4428 Fax: (604) 822-9250
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