Sustainability Guidelines

Developed in 1995 by APEGBC, the Sustainability Guidelines is a tool helping members to incorporate sustainability into engineering and geoscience practice. This document proposes Guidelines rather than specific instructions on how to engineer sustainably for several reasons: – Wide and evolving objcetives (Moving goalpost) – Wide and evolving nature of the engineering profession (disparate nature of engineering tasks and responsibilities) – the benefits of thinking How to apply guidelines in engineering and geoscience? You will find more details in the Primer Part 2.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCdocument: Susty Guidelinesin detailsee also: Primer Part 1: Introduction XlnkS40D XlnkC1778

SMS – APEGBC Sustainability Management System – Blueprint

The APEGBC Sustainability Management System (SMS) aims at on integrating sustainability considerations into existing processes, structures and functions within APEGBC. It provides for:

  • Creation of a process for establishing and achieving targeted performance levels;
  • Creation of a mechanism for assessing the success of programs and policies and translation of that insight into improved activities.

from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCdocument: SMS Blueprintin detailsee also: Sustainability Guidelines XlnkS3EA XlnkC1778