Strategic Plan 2003

APEGBC STRATEGIC PLAN The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia VISION, MISSION, VALUES AND GOALS Association Vision: BC’s Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists enhance and protect the quality of life and are recognized and respected by Industry, Government and the Public. Mission: To advance and support a professional membership dedicated to protecting the public and the environment, and creating economic value through innovation and ingenuity. Core Values: APEGBC and its Members hold paramount the following core values: – The safety, health and welfare of the public and the environment; – Professional excellence; – Integrity and ethical conduct; and – Accountability. Strategic Goals: – Responsible self-governance; – Professional excellence; – Recognition of the value of the professions; – Value for Members; – Diversity, equity and inclusivity in the professions; – Sustainability; and – Sound Association Management. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia Goals and Objectives 1. Responsible self-governance. 1.1. Maintain currency and relevance of the legislation and regulations governing the practices of professional engineering and geoscience; 1.2. Maintain high standards for entry and practice; 1.3. Promote and enforce ethical Member practice; 1.4. Investigate all complaints in a professional, respectful and timely manner; 1.5. Enforce against infringement of the practices of the professions; 1.6. Ensure open, transparent and accountable processes with Members and the public; 1.7. Identify evolving disciplines as they arise and develop appropriate and timely admission and practice requirements; 1.8. Be a valued ally in the development of government policies and regulations that affect the practices of professional engineering and geoscience. 2. Professional excellence. 2.1. Implement and support continuing professional development in both technical and non-technical areas; 2.2. Develop programs to enhance Members professional practice; 2.3. Expand and encourage mentoring for Members. 3. Recognition of the value of the professions. 3.1. Enhance awareness of the excellence of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists and their contributions to the economy and quality of life; 3.2. Promote Professional Engineers and Geoscientists as leaders and decision makers; 3.3. Advance the status and prestige of careers in professional engineering and geoscience; 3.4. Create alliances at the local, provincial and national level; 3.5. Demonstrate leadership on government policy issues that affect professional engineering or geoscience practice; 3.6. Encourage and recognize Member involvement in community affairs, public consultation processes, and political service. 4. Value for Members. 4.1. Increase efforts to identify, monitor and respond to Member needs; 4.2. Promote the compensation of Members commensurate with the training and risk undertaken, and value provided; 4.3. Identify, create and maintain relevant Member affinity programs; 4.4. Expand and promote networking opportunities; 4.5. Seek opportunities to formalize liaisons with related professional, learned and educational societies. 5. Diversity, equity and inclusivity in the professions. 5.1. Ensure access to membership for all qualified applicants; 5.2. Encourage mutual support and respect by all Members within the professions; 5.3. Demonstrate leadership in promoting equitable, fair and progressive employment opportunities and conditions; 5.4. Foster cooperation and collaboration within and between professions. 6. Sustainability. 6.1. Implement and support the Sustainability Management System for APEGBC and its members; 6.2. Promote sustainability in the practices of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists 7. Sound Association Management 7.1. Ensure that the Associations structure, policies and processes are efficient and effective for the governance and operation of the organization; 7.2. Provide a customer service oriented approach to Members and the public; 7.3. Ensure sound Association financial stewardship.
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