In Depth Analysis of the Cost of LEED Buildings

Kema Green Building Consulting of California recently worked on a report for the State of California on how to manage the cost of green buildings. They looked at 4 building types: libraries, schools, laboratories, and multi-family affordable housing. The report also shows average costs for obtaining LEED in all commercial building types. The findings were: Certified: 0 – 2.5% Silver: 0 – 3.3% Gold: 0.3 – 5.0% Platinum: 4.5 – 8.5% The report was done in parallel to the Greg Kats study released last year as well (Kats study available on the USGBC website). The report was highlighted at last year’s GreenBuild, and a brief was included in EBN’s “Best of” publication. The full report is available as a pdf file by following the link below to the Kema Green Website.
weblink: Report on the Cost of LEEDfrom: Kema Greenin detail XlnkS673 XlnkC18FE