Climate Change Impacts of Water in Georgia Basin/Puget Sound

This paper by Paul H. Whitfield, David Fraser and Stewart Cohen published in a special issue of the Canadian Water Resources provides an overview of the March 3-April 3, 2003 Georgia Basin/Puget Sound Research Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Co-hosted by Environment Canada Pacific and Yukon Region, and the Puget Sound Action Team, the 2003 Georgia Basin-Puget Sound Research Conference was the sixth in a series of conferences representing the largest and most visible efforts to communicate research results among the region’s scientists and natural resource managers. The conference provided a venue for the expression of the ecosystem-based management approach and provided an opportunity for cross-border scientists and decision-makers from a wide range of disciplines to share knowledge and information on important issues such as climate change impacts and adaptation, marine resources, transboundary air quality, indicator development and collaborative management approaches. The conference program included over fifty technical sessions, panel discussions, workshops, poster presentations and keynote speakers. Attendees included an international and multidisciplinary group of more than 800 university and government scientists, Coast Salish First Nations and Tribal representatives, regional politicians, students and community leaders. Click on the link below to read to paper.
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