People and the Planet

On the 10th Anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, the Sierra Club of Canada and the Kingston Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology held a national environment conference to address the state of our natural and human environments. Held in June 2002, at Queen’s University in Kingston (Ontario), five days of plenary presentations and over fifty workshops were attended by approximately 500 delegates from across Canada and around the world. To view the proceedings online, please see the Sierra Club Web page. Building on that success, Sierra Club of Canada will host the second People and the Planet conference in Calgary, Alberta, from May 14-16, 2004. Participants at the conference will include scientists, university professors, physicians, lawyers, native elders, authors, farmers and artists, as well as representatives from industry, all levels of government, and local, national and international citizen groups. Our main purpose is to derive solutions to major environmental problems by examining their root causes: fundamentally, problems with western values. Topics examined will include climate change, water, biodiversity, food safety and sustainable agriculture, spirituality, social justice, and many more. Please view the link below to People and the Planet for a full description of the event and sponsorship opportunities.
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