A different approach from eco-efficiency – doing more with less environmental impact – eco-effectiveness is doing it right, being effective with respect to a rich mix of considerations and desires. It means producing the right thing, the right service, the right product, the right system – rather than making the wrong thing less bad. Eco-effectiveness is doing the right thing ather than doing things right. A cherry tree, which produces hundreds of blossoms and fruits for birds and humans so that eventually on pit will fall on the ground and produce another cherry tree won’t be efficient by modern standards. But the cherry tree does not deplete its environment, provides food for its surrounding eco-system and has survived for millions of years. Eco-effectiveness does not mean less. Who wants a cherry tree with less fruits or less flowers. Eco-effectiveness does not mean less waste – there is no waste in nature. Contrary to industrial or development growth, eco-effectiveness does not mean less growth, because nature grows the right things and grows them productively engaged with the rest of the eco-system.
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