Global Dialogue 2004

Call for papers and participation in the dialogue. Issues: 1. Protection of the global life-support systems. 2. Overpopulated planet. 3. Criteria to obtain the Global Community Citizenship. 4. The statement of rights and responsibilities of a person and of belonging to ‘a global community’ and to ‘The Global Community’, the Earth Community, the human family. 5. Results of comparing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and charters of nations around the world with the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. 6. Political systems of nations dont have to be democracies. 7. A global symbiotical relationship between nations. 8. The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). 9. Earth resources. 10. Formation of Earth Government for the good of all. 11. Mines, and mining the impacts. 12. The war industry, the modern evil at work. 13. Peace movement of the Earth Community Organization (ECO). 14. Earth security. 15. Earth governance. 16. Earth Court of Justice. 17. Foundation of the new world order. 18. Global cooperation in health issues. 19. Global community concepts. 20. Global cooperation in helping the starving world. 21. Humanity scale of social values. 22. Upgrading the WTO and the FTAA to symbiotical relationships. 23. Earth Government vs the United Nations. 24. Business and trade, and new ways of doing business. 25. The Kyoto Protocol is everyone’s business on Earth. 26. Earth rights and the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. 27. Spirituality, religious beliefs and the protection of the global life-support systems. 28. Preventive actions against the worst polluters on the planet and those who destroy the global life-support systems. 29. Global tax. 30. Scenarios of what might be humanity’s future. 31. Vision of the Earth in year 2024. 32. Global strategies. 33. Consumerism. 34. Charter of the Earth Community. 35. Community rights on the Scale of Human and Earth Rights. 36. A global sustainable development. 37. Women’s rights. 38. Water resources. 39. Bullying occurring at the United Nations, and case of a predator nation. 40. Criteria to obtain one ECO, the Certified Corporate Global Community Citizenship. For more information please view website or contact: Germain Dufour Project Officer Global Dialogue 2004 186 Bowlsby Street, Nanaimo, BC, Canada V9R 5K1 Email: The event will be held in Nanaimo, BC, Canada in August 2004. The deadline for submission is March 24, 2004.
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