Fueling The Future

Assembled by the editing team of Andrew Heintzman and Evan Solomon, co-founders of Shift magazine, this coolly designed book reflects their respected talents: It is smart, hip and engaged. As such, this book gives readers a concise course on how the depletion of fossil fuels is about to change everyone’s future. The book is the first of a series intended to cover a wide range of topics such as water, globalization, or third world debt). Why energy? Kyoto, Middle East crisis, price of gas, health hazard of smog, North-America blackouts, there is plenty of evidence that energy is at the heart of the world’s most critical problems and concerns. Innovative solutions exist and a new generation of thinkers, inventors and engineers are already busy supplying the kind of ingenuity needed to develop and implement them. This book is a survey of these quests for solutions taking a non-critical, non-theoretical, consensus-building approach.
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