Whiterock Operations Building

The City of Whiterock together with Busby Architects and KDS Construction are setting new standards for building construction in North America by going green with our new operations facility. Their goal is to receive Gold Certification through the U.S. Green Building Councils internationally recognized LEED” (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program. To meet the criteria, they are using a wide variety of innovative building strategies in the 661-square-meter facility – everything from environmentally advanced design to renewable energy systems and water conservation techniques. This will not only substantially reduce the impact on the environment, energy consumed and long-term operating costs, it will also provide a healthier work environment, increase worker productivity and enhance building marketability. The price of such innovative excellence is just 8% more than the cost of an equivalent conventional building, yet the anticipated 40% reduction in energy costs will completely amortize this additional expenditure within 11 years. In short, going green delivers an excellent return environmentally, economically and socially and they urge others in the community to follow our lead.
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