River Street Water Treatment Plant

Project Description: The project is a 140 to 160ML/d membrane filtration water treatment plant. The project includes the treatment plant, an attached administration building accommodating operator areas, an operator training facility with pilot plant, laboratory and visitor reception area. The total project budget is $48.5 milliion. The plant is being built on a two hectare former industrial site within the city centre area of Kamloops. The site is in close proximity to the South Thompson River and adjacent to service commercial, residential and park land uses. The Kamloops Millennium Rivers Trail crosses the site. Approximately 4700 m_ of the site will be restored to a naturalized landscape treatment including a wetland. Other site features include visitor and service access, shared use parking, secure delivery / storage compound and a recycling drop-off station. Sustainability Concepts Featured: § Vision Statement establishing sustainability through integration of servicing and enhancement infrastructure § LEEDTM registration and gold level certification target § Brownfield site selection, landscape restoration and neighbourhood enhancement § Expandable building and process systems § On-site storm water management and re-use § Energy reduction targets of 35% for total plant and 50% for HVAC through rejecting heat to intake water § Use of high efficiency lighting, daylight harvesting and energy management system § Indoor environmental quality enhancement including daylight and views, DDC control systems, low VOC materials and mechanical ventilation/operable windows § Water conservation through 99% recovery of process water, non-potable water supply to 19 ha of park land, re-use of stormwater and dryland landscape selections § Environmentally preferable building materials § Green roof at administration building § Recycling program during construction and occupancy
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