Climate Change: The role of engineers and geoscientists

Presentation by Henri Heneveld to APEGBC in Penticton (AGM 2003). Unlike many other environmental issues, the science behind climate change involves the earth’s entire life support system, its oceans and fresh water, its soils and vegetation, and most importantly, its atmosphere. As a result, climate change science is complex science. While much is known about how the climate system works, there are also many uncertainties still remaining. The challenge of understanding what is happening to the climate system, and what we can expect to happen in the future, therefore, requires the collaboration of many scientists from many disciplines, each contributing his or her piece in putting the complex puzzle together.
from: Henri Hengeveld – Environment Canadadocument: Hengeveld Climate Change presentationin detailsee also: Climate Change XlnkS5D6 XlnkC18BA