Sustainable Olympic 2010

The 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympic Games represent an extraordinary opportunity for engineers and geoscientists to develop their skills and knowledge in the field of sustainable engineering. Green building, renewable energy, hydrogen technology, sustainable municipal development, low impact transportation, zero-emission devices, energy-efficient electric and electronic equipments, … the planning, design, manufacturing, development, operation, maintenance of the billion dollar infrastructure, equipment and services required for the Olympic Games can and should be done according to the principles of sustainability. The games will require a wide range of engineering services. The Olympic organizers are committed to sustainability. The Sustainability Committee of APEGBC is looking forward to helping the games to achieve this objective.
from: Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporationin detailsee also: Olympic Winter games. Vancouver Bid’s Sustainability aspect XlnkS5A8 XlnkC1847