Mobility Management Technical Workshop

Mobility Management Technical Workshop 24 April 2003, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm SFU Harbour Centre (515 Hastings Street, Vancouver) This workshop is free; Coffee and Lunch Provided To participate please pre-register with Roger McNeill (see sidebar) or call 604-664-9127. Environment Canada will host a technical workshop for transportation professionals on Thursday, April 24 to review the status of Mobility Management efforts in the Vancouver region, identify implementation priorities, and develop a coordinated action plan. Environment Canada is currently sponsoring a study of the potential for implementing Mobility Management strategies to reduce transport emissions in the Vancouver region. This study involves the following tasks: · Identify and describe potential transport emission reduction strategies. · Evaluate potential economic, social and environmental benefits provided by each strategy. · Evaluate equity impacts of each strategy. · Evaluate technical, administrative, legal and political obstacles to each strategy’s implementation. · Identify examples and case studies of these strategies, particularly those that are transferable to this region. · Identify strategies that appear to be justified based on their economic benefits (i.e., that have a positive Benefit/Cost ratio based on financial savings to governments, businesses and consumers), which also help achieve environmental objectives (energy conservation, emission reductions and efficient land use). · Provide conclusions as to which transportation emission reduction strategies are most suitable for implementation, with recommended targets and implementation programs. This project is designed to support ongoing regional efforts by a variety of organizations to implement cost-effective mobility management strategies. A draft report is available for review (see below). Environment Canada recently completed focus group surveys to obtain public feedback on potential strategies. View VTPI Summary Report View VTPI Full Report Workshop Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Overview of project 3. Update on what mobility management projects are occurring in the region. 4. Review of current regional mobility management goals and objectives (e.g., have any levels of government established regional objectives to reduce vehicle traffic, energy consumption or vehicle emissions by a certain amount?). 5. Review draft Mobility Management report details. Discuss whether anything is missing, and whether any ratings should be changed or presented in a different way. 6. Report on Focus Group survey findings Lunch Break – Provided Free 7. Agree on reasonable long-term targets for penetration of various mobility management policies on the region. 8. Brainstorming What policy changes, programs and projects could be implemented to support mobility management. 9. Prioritize mobility management implementation activities. 10. Discuss potential for on-going interagency mobility management implementation network. 11. If there is support, discuss next steps for establishing such a network.
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