Green Building Barriers Survey

The Sheltair Group is “conducting a survey as part of an investigation into “non-regulatory” barriers that make it difficult for building industry professionals, contractors and suppliers to adopt high performance (green) building principles, practices and technologies in BC. The outcome of the project is intended to guide the future barrier “busting” work, and to identify and propose practical solutions to government and other interested parties. This survey is being conducted by The Sheltair Group, which has been retained by a Project Steering Committee representing: Natural Resources Canada Ministry of Competition Science & Enterprise GVRD City of Vancouver BC Hydro BC Gas BC Buildings Corporation All data collected from this study will be aggregated and used for statistical purposes only. Individual responses will be kept confidential by the Sheltair Group and not shared with the Steering Committee. The questionnaire can be accessed through the link below, and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Please feel free to forward the survey to the person in your organization that you feel can best contribute useful insight, and to other individuals in your industry that may be interested in responding. For additional background information on the survey, please go to If you have any questions or problems, please email The Sheltair Group at [email address on sidebar]. The Project Steering Committee and The Sheltair Group extend our thanks for your time and insights. The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants Inc. Suite 2, 3661 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6R 3J2 Phone: 604-732-9106 Fax: 604-732-9238″
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