Indicates a set of things or ideas that resists to an immediate understanding. Synonym of complicated in a more forceful sense. Everything around us is complex. Nature is extremely complex and likely beyond our comprehension. Universe is complex and has resisted to any unified theory to date. Our economical, technical and social systems are also becoming increasingly complex. One factor that increases complexity in our live is the relentless march of technology, which is itself driven by social factors or the ferocious competition of modern society. Taken individually new devices seem reasonable and helpful: airplanes, cars, e mail system allow us to communicate or move faster. Taken together, and used by everybody in our society, these devices make our lives more complex and difficult. …Or can be used to unforeseen purposes, such as weapons or hate propaganda. Increased complexity arises when discrete elements combine to produce unanticipated effects. One of the challenge of sustainable engineering is to design devices and technical elements that can be used by all, in great quantities, in harmonious combination with everything else, without any side effect and with minimal impact on the environment or the society. A very complex task, indeed.
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