Me, Myself and Infrastructure: US National Building Museum Exhibition

This exhibition poses some interesting questions about the way we construct and relate to the built environment. Exerpt from exhibition: “Me, Myself and Infrastructure explores the relationship of the public to its civil engineers. Civil engineers are the experts who design and manage infrastructure-the technological networks that define modern life. The behavior and values of individuals shape infrastructure: the location of a pedestrian crosswalk, the taste of drinking water, the durability of a bridge. At the same time, infrastructure shapes everyone’s lives-the ability to drive anywhere at any time, take half-hour showers, and discard computers after a couple years of use. Me, Myself and Infrastructure looks at public expectations and the everyday experience of infrastructure while considering the role of civil engineers as designers, builders, and managers. Urban and suburban infrastructure is the major cultural and technological achievement of the last 150 years. This web of civil engineering works is the foundation of everything public and private. That’s why an examination of your relationship to infrastructure reveals how you want to live. It exposes the intensity of your concern for the environment and public health. It demonstrates what you know about the history and future of everything around you. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Me, Myself and Infrastructure explores the construction of public works and private lives.” Follow the link below to read more.
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