LEED Implementation Task Force of APEGBC – LITF

The LEED Implementation Task Force was created in response to the following three motions that APEGBC Council passed at the 2001 Annual General Meeting:

  1. The LEED model be the preferred method for building environmental assessment in British Columbia.
  2. A proactive role be taken in encouraging the Association’s members to address sustainability issues such as are identified in the LEED model.
  3. The Association seek input from the Consulting Engineers of BC and the Sustainability Committee on implementing its recommendation to adopt the LEED model.

The Task Force met roughly every month to discuss possible issues that Members may face when trying to use the LEED framework in practice and to suggest solutions for addressing these issues. A report was completed in September 2002 that presents these findings along with an Action Plan for implementing its recommendations. This Action Plan clearly outlines actions and responsibilities that APEGBC Staff and Committees can take in helping Members implement the LEED framework in practice. The Report was approved by Council in April 2003.
from: APEGBC – Association of Professional Engineers of BCdocument: LITF Final Report April 2003in detailsee also: LEED – Green Building Rating System XlnkS4A2 XlnkC1778