Literally, “That exists nowhere, a no-place (u-topos). An ideal? Maybe, but programmed, organized, planned. In the worst case, an imposed ideal. It is not a new concept, Platon, Thomas More or Fourier have all invented and described Utopias. It may … Continue reading

Other forms of utopia

Cybertopia: Information and communication technologies enable a highly diverse, individualistic and innovative global community. Technotopia: or high-tech optimism where technologies and markets create prosperity, happiness, and solve all the problems of the world. • source: Utopia • See also XlnkS626

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Good utopias

Eliminating poverty Promoting community values over individualism, democracy without border over nationalism, inclusivity over exclusivity. and also … Creating before spending Accepting differences before imposing domination. Looking at values rather than prices. Listening before judging Living rather surrounding ourselves with … Continue reading

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