As the world’s population continues to grow, so will the size of megacities across the globe, stretching resources and the ability to cope with disasters. According to U.N figures, the top five megacities now are the greater Tokyo area with … Continue reading

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Population Increase

Today, world population is about 6.2 billion and will likely increase by half, then will age, first in the North then in the South. It took thousands of year for the planet to reach its first billion people, 123 years … Continue reading

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The study of human population. The world population has been the subject of many theories, predictions, and statistics. The issue is both quantitative and qualitative. The population boom is occurring in developing countries, when population is starting to stabilize or … Continue reading

UNEP Trends

– More than 80% of the people currently live in developing countries. – 2.4 billion of today’s 6.2 Billion people are children and teenager. – Two out five people in the world live either in China or India – World … Continue reading

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