Ontario Coal replacement plan

Under the coal replacement plan: Lakeview GS, representing 1,140 megawatts of generating capacity, was closed in April 2005, following completion of projects to strengthen the transmission system in the Toronto area. Thunder Bay GS, representing 310 megawatts, will be replaced by gas-fired generation in 2007. Atikokan GS, representing 215 megawatts, will close by the end of 2007, following the replacement of Thunder Bay units and necessary transmission upgrades, with no direct replacement necessary. Lambton GS, representing 1,975 megawatts, will be replaced by the end of 2007 by two combined-cycle gas-fired generating stations in the Sarnia area announced as a result of the government’s request for proposals for clean energy capacity. Nanticoke GS, representing 3,938 megawatts, will have units closed through 2008 with the last unit to close in early 2009. In addition to new generation capacity, transmission upgrades in southwestern Ontario are necessary for the closure of Nanticoke.
source: Ontario Closing Down Coal Fired Power plants See also XlnkS6EB

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