Some key findings on Canadian Weather

  • Abnormal weather in BC: 2500 wildfires, floods in autumn, drought in the summer, freezing in November – the lowest temperature on record for November, record rain fall in October, flood in Vancouver in December
  • The driest consecutive 3 year-period on record, almost no precipitation in Vancouver in November, ususlly the wettest month
  • The Fraser river at its lowest peak in 90 years of record keeping
  • Hurricanes in Halifax- the first time the eye of a hurricane hits the city since 1893
  • 100 millions trees and 300,000 houses damaged in the region of Halifax (see picture)
  • 16 intense tropical storms in the Atlantic
  • One billion $ cost for fire-fighting across the country
  • Intense drought in the prairies
  • March downpour in the Atlantic provinces, the most expensive weather disaster in the history of the Maritimes
  • Massive ice storms in New Brunswick
  • Heavy snow on Alberta in April and May
  • 2003 was the 11th consecutive one in Canada with higher temperature than average
  • 25 of the most recent 26 seasons have been warmer than average
  • 2003 is the third-warmest year since records began in 1981
  • In Europe heat waves killed 21,000 people

source: Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Weather See also XlnkS633

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