The Urban Sustainability Multiplier

  • Reduced per capita demand for occupied land.
  • A high proportion of, condominiums, apartment buildings and other multiple-family dwelling units which reduces per capita consumption of building materials and service infrastructure.
  • Lower costs per capita of providing piped water, sewer systems, and most other types of infrastructure and amenities.
  • A greater range of options for recycling, reuse, re-manufacturing, and a concentration of the skills needed to make these things happen.
  • Greater possibilities for electricity co-generation and the use of waste process heat from industry or power plants to reduce the per capita use of fossil fuels.
  • More opportunity to implement the principles of low through-put ‘industrial ecology’ (i.e., the creation of closed-circuit industrial parks).
  • Great potential for reducing (mostly fossil) energy consumption by motor vehicles through walking, cycling, and public transit.

source: Why Cities are inherently unsustainable See also XlnkS62B

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