Cities running dry

CHINA: Between 1983 and 1990, the number of cities in China that were short of water rose from 100 to 300; those with a serious water problem, from 40 to 100. In the year 2000, Beijing Municipality suffers a daily water shortfall of 500,000 cubic meters. MEXICO: Mexico City, having over-pumped the Mexico Valley aquifer, is now forced to pump its water supply a distance of 180 kilometers and up 1,000 meters from the Cutzamala River at much higher cost. The city faces the prospect of exhausting its supply in the year 2000. INDONESIA: Jakarta has so depleted its underground aquifers that seawater has seeped 15 kilometers inland making the supply saline. Investments in pipelines to bring water from other sources are eventually expected to top $1 billion. IWSA, Managing the Global Environment; National Report from Beijing Municipal Waterworks Company, 1993. McIntyre, Peter; Protecting the Well, Noordwijk Conference, The Netherlands, March 1994. .
source: Water See also XlnkS4CD

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