Standby Power and GHG

Standby Power Waste may account to 1% of the World energy related CO2 emission. In OECD countries, standby power waste accounts at least for 2.2% of the total electricity consumption. When properly and widely applied the total savings generated from the One Watt initiative will be in the order of 50 Millions tons of CO2 in the OECD countries only by 2010. This is equivalent to remove 18 Millions cars from OECD roads Paper: “Global Implication of Standby Power Use” ACEEE Summer Study 2000. Lebot B. & Meier A. Several global companies, including SONY or IBM, have already committed to reduce the standby power of most of the new products to lower than one Watt. For some end-uses, the energy saved in more than 90% compared to current practice and business as usual scenarios.
source: One-Watt Initiative See also XlnkS5A3

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