Peace, Security and Sustainability

There is a growing body of evidence as to the relationship of sustainable development, persistent poverty and sustainable peace and security. The horrendous attacks of September 11, 2001 on the Pentagon in Washington and the World Trade Center in New York, shocked us into realizing the profound gaps in understanding, knowledge and mutual trust which exist between peoples of different cultures, races and religions. These gaps are, in many cases, reinforced by economic disparities, historical enmities, territorial rivalries and competition for scarce land resources. They are exacerbated, too, by the perception by developing countries that the current global power structure and processes of globalization disproportionately benefit the more industrialized countries to the detriment of developing countries’ interests. This underscores the need to give new impetus to the processes of international co-operation, which offer the only means of dealing effectively with the whole complex of issues through which we are shaping the human future. MAURICE STRONG – recipient of the Jack P. Blaney Award.
source: Maurice Strong See also XlnkS53E

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