Some Powerful Trends

World energy Production rose 42% between 1980 and 2000 and will grow between 150% and 230% by 2050. Renewable energy account for only 11.5 %. The current addition of 60 Million urban citizen a year is the equivalent of adding another Paris, Beijing or Cairo every other month. 400 million persons use the internet today compared to less than 20 million five year ago. By 2005 there will be about a billion users. However, more than half the world’s population has never used a telephone and many still lack connection to the lectrical grid. In 2000, there were 119 democratic ststes out of a total of 192 countries (61% or about 2 out of 3). This compares to 22 democratic states out of 154 countries in 1950. (14% or 1 out of seven).
source: Tomorrow’s Markets – Global Trends and their Implications for Business See also XlnkS4F7

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