World Bank about Air Pollution

Air: will be polluted. At the local level, hundreds of developing- country cities have unhealthy levels of air pollution. At the global level, the biosphere’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide without altering temperatures has been compromised because of heavy reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Global energy use traditionally has grown at the same rate as gross domestic product (GDP). Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will continue to grow unless a concerted effort is made to increase energy efficiency and move away from today’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels. In the past 50 years excess nitrogen—mainly from fertilizers, human sewage, and combustion of fossil fuels—has begun to overwhelm the global nitrogen cycle, giving rise to a variety of ill effects ranging from reduced soil fertility to excess nutrients in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. On current trends, the amount of biologically available nitrogen will double in 25 years.
source: World Development Report 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic Economy See also XlnkS4BF

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