Main Issues

The LITF came up with four major issues or topics that are relevant to both Members and APEGBC. Issue 1: Education and Awareness Most APEGBC Members will likely have little understanding or awareness of building environmental assessment tools like LEED and how these frameworks are applied in practice. Issue 2: Commitments and Leadership APEGBC must actively demonstrate its commitments to promoting the use of building environmental assessment tools like LEED and sustainability issues in general. Issue 3: Costs and Benefits There is some uncertainty as to what the economic implications of implementing a building environmental assessment tool like LEEDä are – namely how it would affect short and long-term project costs, engineering fees, and consulting time. Issue 4: Liabilities and Risks There may be risk and liability implications of designing and constructing a LEEDä building. If there are, what are the potential impacts on engineering fees and liability insurance
source: LEED Implementation Task Force of APEGBC – LITF See also XlnkS4A2

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