LITF terms of references

NAME LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Implementation Task Force TYPE Task Force reporting to Council. PURPOSE AND ·To take action on the Council resolution taken at the 2001 FUNCTION Annual General Meeting stating that: 1.the LEED™ model be the preferred method for building environmental assessment in British Columbia 2.a proactive role be taken in encouraging the Association’s members to address sustainability issues such as are identified in the LEED™ model 3.the Association seek input from the Consulting Engineers of British Columbia and the Sustainability Committee on implementing its recommendation to adopt the LEED™ model. ·Examine how to implement the LEED™ Green Building Rating System in the practice of professional engineering in British Columbia where the use of LEED™ as a building environmental assessment tool is applicable and provide recommendations and an implementation plan to Council for consideration and action. ·Identify issues related to the implementation of LEED™ and develop recommendations on solutions to address these issues for Council consideration. ·Develop and recommend a communications strategy for Council consideration. ·Develop and recommend a professional development strategy for Council consideration. ·Liaise with groups and organizations involved in the LEED™ development and adoption in British Columbia, Canada and the United States. MEMBERSHIP ·Five to ten members who are representatives from the: ·Sustainability Committee; ·Consulting Practice Committee; ·Building Codes Committee; ·Consulting Engineers of British Columbia (CEBC); and ·other representatives of the building community. METHOD OF ·By Council APPOINTMENT DURATION OF ·The Task Force will continue to exist until the Association’s APPOINTMENT 2002 Annual General Meeting or until its recommendations are accepted by Council. SELECTION OF ·The Chair shall be appointed by a majority vote of the OFFICERS members of the Task Force. QUORUM ·Three members of the Task Force. FREQUENCY· Meetings will be held once a month with exceptions as OF MEETINGS directed by the Chair. MINUTES ·Minutes and other related administrative duties are the responsibility of the Director, Professional Practice and Ethics. APPROVED BY COUNCIL: January 23, 2002 (Minute # CO 02-26)
source: LEED Implementation Task Force of APEGBC – LITF See also XlnkS4A2

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