CanMore Civic Centre

The Canmore Civic Centre is a multi-purpose focal point for the Town of Canmore, located in the spectacular Rocky Mountains. It serves as the Town Hall, the municipal government offices, council chambers, and the new Canmore Museum and GeoScience Centre. In total, the Centre is a 2-storey, 25 000ft2 building designed with an extensive sustainable mandate following the strong environmental attitudes rampant among the inhabitants of this beautiful town. In addition to considering orientation, massing, construction and sustainable transportation measures, a variety of green strategies were employed. The extensive use of low flow plumbing fixtures reduced building water consumption by approximately 55% compared to a standard building. High efficiency condensing boilers, exhaust/supply air heat recovery, occupancy sensors, daylighting and natural ventilation all contributed to maximizing energy efficiency, while delivering top indoor air quality.
from: Keen Engineeringdocument: CanMore Civic Centrein detail XlnkS6E7 XlnkC17A6

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