Call for Nominations to CaGBC Vancouver Branch

You can nominate: · yourself or somebody else; · nominate members of the CaGBC or USGBC (in good standing 30 days prior to the election); · nominate individuals who are currently not members of the CaGBC or USGBC (please note: non-members must become full members of the CaGBC and/or USGBC within 60 days of being elected to the executive); · members in the following categories: 1) architects, 2) engineers, 3) developers/building owners, 4) suppliers/contractors, 5) local regional/government, 6) provincial/federal government, and 7) at large (all of the above plus cost consultants, spec. writers, interior designers, etc.). Please note: newly elected members must serve a two-year term. Nominees must: · be able to participate regularly in the monthly executive committee/board meetings; · be able to volunteer time to take on distinct tasks; · have prior experience in the building industry (e.g. development, design, construction, operation/maintenance, etc.) · be familiar with green building principles and strategies; · be permanent residents of BC;
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