Clean Tech Fund Invites Statements of Interest For Its Next Funding Cycle

Courtesy of Wendy Avis, Climate Change Coordinator, Environment Canada Ottawa, Ontario, August 25, 2004– Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), a $350M fund for the development and demonstration of clean technologies, today announced a call for Statements of Interest (SOIs) as part of its sixth round of funding. The closing date for SOI submissions is October 6, 2004. The call for SOIs invites entrepreneurs to make initial applications that are simple and straightforward. The SOI phase is designed to provide SDTC with a good sense of proposed technologies without imposing an arduous application process. Applicants who comply with SDTC’s selection criteria will be invited to submit a proposal. Response to SDTC’s clean tech fund has been impressive since its first call for SOIs in April 2002. In five calls, SDTC has received more than 806 Statements of Interest from consortia applications representing over 2,500 companies and organizations. The total request for funding has been $1.5 billion, and consortia members have offered $3.7 billion in leveraged financing. Applications have been received from across Canada in 57 technology categories, each of which has relevance to all primary economic sectors within Canada. To date, SDTC has allocated a total of $72 million to 37 projects. That amount has been leveraged with an additional $208 million in funding from other project partners for a total project value managed by SDTC of $280 million. This represents a 3:1 ratio of industry-partner contribution to SDTC investment. “If the response from our past five rounds is any indication of the high level of interest, we are confident that there will be an excellent response to this round as well. Our extensive review of previous submissions has revealed an increasing depth and quality of applications from the development community. This is partly attributable to the effort the SDTC team puts into working with entrepreneurs to strengthen their applications at the SOI and proposal stages, and to connect with partners. As a result of our joint efforts, the sustainable development technology infrastructure in Canada is beginning to build momentum. Clean-technology development is a growth area in the global marketplace and Canada has the opportunity to become a leader, said Vicky J. Sharpe, President and CEO, SDTC. ” We aim to meet the needs of entrepreneurs not only with funding support, but with support and guidance on taking their technology to market. Our objective is to de-risk clean technologies to attract downstream private-sector investment and increase their likelihood to attain market entry, while ensuing economic and sustainable development benefits across Canada,” added Sharpe. In addition to directly interacting with entrepreneurs, SDTC has been working on their behalf to encourage the financial community, in particular the venture capital community, to pursue investments in clean technologies more aggressively. At the same time that SDTC is advocating for a culture shift in this community towards increased investments, it is also encouraging governments to focus their clean-technology investments in what is the weakest link in Canada’s innovation chain: the pre-venture capital gap also known as the development and demonstration stage. For further information about the call for Statements of Interest (SOIs) and the new online SOI application system, go to and select the Funding/Application Advice menu option. SDTC Sustainable Development Technology Canada is an initiative created by the Government of Canada that operates a $350 million fund to finance and support the development of clean technologies that provide solutions to issues of climate change and air quality, and that deliver economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians. An arm’s length, not-for-profit corporation, SDTC bridges the gap in the innovation chain between R&D and commercialization, helping clean-technology developers move their products and solutions through the development and demonstration phases in preparation for commercialization. SDTC’s mission is to act as the primary catalyst in building a sustainable development technology infrastructure in Canada. For more information, please contact: Andrée Mongeon Director of Communications Sustainable Development Technology Canada Tel: 613.234-6313 ext. 224
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