One Sky The Canadian Institute for Sustainable Living

One Sky is an interesting Canadian NGO devoted to sustainable living. They have opportunities to get in involved and participate posted on their website (see link below). The excerpt below is from their website. Executive Director’s Message: One Sky was incorporated as a B.C. Society in August of 2000. Today we have a Canadian office, a Nigerian office, a “home” in Sierra Leone, programs in Latin American and Africa as well as a host of volunteers and dedicated staff all based out of the rural town of Smithers – British Columbia, Canada. This past year has seen our staff grow from three to eight with more projected to join our team before the year is finished. Our budget has grown from 189 K to 275 K with confirmed revenue this coming year of over 600 thousand dollars. The past year has been very full as we established new programming in Nigeria and played an active role in networking for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. While we have had much success the world has been plunged into an era of uncertainty and intense conflict. The current invasion of Iraq is an example of the resource conflicts that will only become more common as our planet is consumed through unsustainable practices and a blatant disregard for life. While we may have been growing organizationally it seems that the challenges we face are growing exponentially. One Sky exists to promote sustainable living globally and we have concentrated on this in some of the world’s environmental and social hotspots including Sierra Leone, El Salvador and now Nigeria. We have worked on international issues with our partners in Canada and broader networks around the world. We played a major role in publishing “Summit or Plummet” the Canadian NGO report on sustainable development as well as a 21 country shadow report on the WSSD. We were the official environmental non-governmental representative on the Canadian delegation to Johannesburg and traveled to preparatory meetings in New York and Bali to promote an NGO perspective. We have launched a major campaign in the past year to rid the world of conflict diamonds, diamonds that are causing untold damage in Africa. We continue to be the western node of the Canadian Environmental Network International Program and have joined the Canadian Council for International Cooperation.
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