Letter to the Editor Re. Offshore Oil and Gas

Dear Ms. Jubb, I am writing with reference to your article entitled “BC Offshore Oil and Gas Development Economic Outlook” on pages 4 and 6 of Sustainability Now – Vol 3, Issue 2. I do not intend into intrude into the debate in BC about the possible removal of the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration; however, as your article expresses an opinion on the impacts of oil and gas development on Newfoundland and Labrador I feel compelled to comment. I think the referenced article is incomplete, misleading and misrepresents the facts about the positive impacts of offshore oil development in this province. I believe that you and APEGBC members would be better informed if you read a report from November 2003 entitled “Socio-Economic Benefits of NL Petroleum Industry” prepared for Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada (PRAC) by Community Resource Services Limited. This report can be found on the PRAC website at www.pr-ac.ca. Whatever the decision in BC about offshore oil and gas exploration we believe that the oil and gas industry has been very positive for this province. Regards. Steve McLean, P. Eng. Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland and Labrador tel: (709) 753-7714 fax: (709) 753-6131 e-mail: smclean@pegnl.ca
weblink: 0in detailsee also: Sustainability Now Vol 3 No 2: Consulting Engineering and Geoscience XlnkS663

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