Effect of Climate Change on Canadian Water Resources

A new ( 2003) report from Statistic Canada outlines growing signs of water scarcity even in a country as rich in water resources as Canada. Some of the findings:

  • Main glaciers at their lower level since 10,000 years
  • 1300 Canadian Glacier have lost between 25% and 75% of their masss since 1950
  • 505 of Canada renewable fresh water flows into the Artic Ocean and Hudson bay
  • 42% of industrial waste water was untreated in 1996
  • a drop of oil wil make 25 litres of water unfit for drinking
  • The level of the St-Lawrence river at Montreal has fallen by more than a metre in the past century

from: Statistic Canadain detail XlnkS632 XlnkC18D9