Surrey Transfer Station

A key component of the GVRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan, the Surrey Transfer Station has been sited with construction scheduled for completion by early 2004. The design-build contract is the responsibility of Wastech Services Ltd., one of the GVRD’s primary solid waste operations contractors. In keeping with the GVRD’s Sustainable Region Initiative and Board policy to use Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as a discretionary framework for all new facilities, the Surrey Transfer Station will be designed and constructed employing the LEED Green Building Rating System for guidance and potential certification. When completed, the Surrey Transfer Station is anticipated to be one of the first industrial buildings in Canada to be LEED certified. This energy efficient facility will incorporate natural light and high-recycled content while minimizing construction waste and water use. The innovative design addresses not only the sustainability of the building but also of the site itself, with native and drought resistant plants thereby eliminating the use of irrigation, and the diversion of storm water through a bioswale to eradicate pollutants in the municipal system.
from: CEI – Architecture and Planningdocument: Surrey Transfer Stationin detail XlnkS5F0 XlnkC1805

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