Sunflower Flashlight

The design of the sunflower flashlight utilizes ultra-thin photovoltaic cells laminated to flexible steel petals that fold neatly inside the body of the flashlight. When the integrated rechargeable battery needs charging the tail cap is opened and the wand is pulled out causing the solar cells to spring open. By moving the wand so that its shadow falls in the middle of the flower the solar cells are arrayed for maximum solar exposure. In approximately 3 hours in full sun the battery becomes fully charged (time will be slightly longer north and south of the tropics). This charge will power the flashlight for between 23.25 and 46.5 hours depending on the flashlight setting.To close simply push the wand back into the barrel of the flashlight, automatically closing the solar petals, and screw on the tail cap.
from: Aaron Rosensweet, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Designdocument: Sunflower Flashlightin detail XlnkS5E6 XlnkC18BE

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