Desert Living Centre Las Vegas Springs Preserve

With over 11,000 square feet of exhibit space and a large demonstration garden area, the Desert Living Center will offer Las Vegas residents and design professionals the inspiration, design strategies and tools they need to profoundly influence the future of their community and the environment. AldrichPears is working with Lucchesi Galati Architects, to create a LEED platinum-rated facility on the historic and fragile 180-acre Las Vegas Springs Preserve site. Interpretive components include a design lab, a technical training studio and the sustainability gallery, where visitors interact with light-hearted exhibits that communicate practical messages about lifestyle changes and sustainable living in the Mojave Desert. The center is scheduled to open in Spring 2005.
from: Aldrich Pears Associatesdocument: Desert Living Centrein detail XlnkS5E4 XlnkC18BC

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