Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning claims to be an important book on important issues. We have not read it yet but its table of content deserve a more detailed look. Dematerialisation. This involves companies developing ways of substituting knowledge flows for material flows. Another route to dematerialisation is product customisation: less waste is created when the resources a consumer does not want are not produced. Production loop closure. The biological designs of nature provide a role model for sustainability. The goal is to work continuously toward closed-loop production systems and zero-waste factories wherein every output is returned to natural systems as a nutrient or becomes an input in the manufacture of another product. Service extension. We are moving from a supply-driven economy to a demand-driven economy. Companies are rethinking how they can satisfy demand and are developing customised responses to client needs. Consumers are increasingly gaining access to product services by leasing goods, particularly durable goods, rather than buying them outright. Functional extension. Companies are manufacturing ‘smarter’ products with new and enhanced functionality and are selling services to enhance the products’ functional value. See Analysis by the WBCSD.
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