Distance Education Course at Harvard: “Sustainability: The Challenge of Changing our Institutions”

Distance Education Course at Harvard: ENVR E-117 “Sustainability: The Challenge of Changing our Institutions, beginning in September 2003 . Course information: “The principles and practice of environmental sustainability for institutions and individuals will be taught and demonstrated in this course. The course will focus on the university sector as a case study for examining how organizations with complex structures make a myriad of decisions with environmental consequences. The course will provide students with a thorough exploration of methods and approaches that can be drawn upon to catalyze organizations, such as universities, to pursue environmental sustainability. Illustrative examples of university sustainability programs, including campus planning, building design and operations, energy supply, purchasing practices, food services and waste management among others, will be presented. These examples will be further explored to reveal strategies for generating engagement, learning capacity and behavioral change at the level of both the individual and the organization. Financial, environmental, political, cognitive and organizational dimensions will be addressed. The course is designed to cover three key topic areas: 1. Institutional Impact 2. Institutional Operations 3. Institutional Transformation Students will ideally leave this course with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to develop their own capacities as change agents, leaders or catalysts for generating institutional commitment to environmental sustainability within a myriad of organizational settings. See here for more information on syllabus and registration information. To request a syllabus via email, please contact Maggie Husak, maggie_husak@harvard.edu. **************************************************************************************************************** This course will be offered under the umbrella of the Environmental Studies program at the Harvard University Extension School, and will be available online as a part of the Distance Education Program. The Distance Education Program allows a student to take this course from any location as long as s/he can access the course website. For details on Distance Education through the Extension School, click here . For information on registration, please visit the Harvard University Extension School website (see link below). For further information on course content, please contact Maggie Husak, maggie_husak@harvard.edu. To learn more about the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, please visit our website .
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