Well-Being, sustainability, and engineering

Though values vary greatly in detail within and between cultures, at the heart of the concept of sustainability there is a fundamental, immutable value set that is best stated as ‘parallel care and respect for the ecosystem and for the people within.’ From this value set emerges the goal of sustainability: to achieve human and ecosystem well-being together. It follows that the ‘result’ against which the success of any engineering design should be judged is the achievement of, or the contribution to, human and ecosystem well-being together. Seen in this way, the concept of sustainability is much more than environmental protection in another guise. It is a positive concept that has as much to do with achieving well-being for people and ecosystems as it has to do with reducing stress or impacts.
from: Anthony Hodge Consultants Inc.in detailsee also: Well-being XlnkS5A9 XlnkC184C