Stakeholder Review: National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure

The National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure is a tool that will help municipalities identify needs, evaluate solutions, extend the service life of existing infrastructure and maximize the return on their investment. It is a tool in support of municipalities’ decision-making and long-range infrastructure planning processes, resulting in considerable savings and improved quality of life. An integral part of our process is to obtain stakeholder input on these best practices. The best practices referenced below will be available on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 for Stakeholder Review. These documents can be accessed by visiting our Guide Web site through the link below. – Coordination of Infrastructure Works to Minimize Disruption and Maximize Value – Strategic Commitment to the Environment by Municipal Corporations – Water Quality in Distribution Systems We encourage you to participate in the stakeholder review of these drafts. Comments should be returned to Nathalie Martel at or by fax at (613) 993-2180 by Wednesday, April 9, 2003. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be carefully considered by the Guide working groups and appropriate changes will be made to the documents prior to their final release scheduled for July 2003. Any comments received after the formal review period (or as a result of the use of the best practice) will be considered in future updates to the best practices. You are also invited to visit our Web site at or contact us for further information at our toll-free number 1-866-330-3350.
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