Sustainable Streetscapes: A Case Study by Alexandra Steed

As part of a Sustainable Region Initiative, on January 17, 2002, the Greater Vancouver Regional District held a conference to consider and evaluate progress toward the overall regional aim of sustainable development of urban infrastructure. Recently, the City of Vancouver adopted a set of principles for sustainability as an initiative to advance the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the city and its neighbourhoods. The report states that, “Ultimately, the City’s objective should be to incorporate enhanced sustainability into all the City operations as a ‘way of doing business’.” Indeed, at both a municipal and regional scale, a framework based on the principles of sustainability, causes a paradigm shift in the way we approach urban design. This paper considers the City of Vancouver’s implementation of its goals by taking up a case study of Crown Street in Vancouver south.
document: Sustainable Streetscapesin detail XlnkS568

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