The Sustainability Advantage

The Sustainability Advantage by Bob Willard. Mr. Willard takes on the challenge of making sustainability appeal to business executives who are not necessarily interested in environmental and social sustainability. As he points out, saving the world is not a priority of most business executives. Instead we must appeal to what is important to them; things like profits and employee retention. The trick is that sustainability benefits employees, appeals to public shareholders and ultimately leads to a more profitable business. In his book, Bob Willard outlines 7 key benefit areas- with measureable effects- resulting from corporate commitment to sustainability: 1. reduced recruiting costs 2. reduced attrition costs 3. increased employee productivity 4. reduced expenses in manufacturing 5. reduced expenses at commmercial sites (energy, water, consumables) 6. increased revenue/profit share 7. reduced risk, easier financing Through a description of these benefits, Willard makes the connection between sustainability and the financial success of a company. These areas have also been compiled into a working spreadsheet that can be used to measure the effect on revenue of, for example, increasing employee productivity by 1% or reducing manufacturing costs by 3%. Both the book and the worksheets are available on-line through the link below.
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