Climate Change

Earth climate is dependent of many parameters such as the sun energy or the composition of the atmosphere. If one of these parameters changes, the climate changes. Everyone seems to agree that the climate is indeed changing. They are many signs that the planet is warming up: The last decade was the warmest in more than one thousand years, more hot days, less cold days per year, more rain, loss of artic ice, retreat of glaciers, el nino getting more frequent and more intense, etc,… Therefore the question is: what are the parameters that changed? Are human activities the reasons? Some still disagree that the extensive use of fossil fuel and deforestation are the cause although an overwhelming majority of scientists and studies are showing that is very likely the cause. What to do about it? This is where most would disagree. If the causes are natural (what some still hope), then do nothing is an easy choice. Otherwise, adhere to the international Kyoto protocol or prepare nationally made plans. Develop renewable energy technologies, the so-called ‘hydrogen economy’, or develop complex new control techniques such as pumping the carbon dioxide back into the ocean or abandoned oil well. This is not going to be an easy fix, and the world may lack ingenuity (see the Ingenuity Gap Book) or simply political will to create the technological, economical, and social conditions to effectively reduce its Green House Gas Emissions. The market for new ideas is enormous. It is becoming fast the most important fields of engineering.
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