Knowledge is a relationship of suitability between the subject and the object, between the mind and the world. Two truths always exist: the truth of the reality and the truth of our understanding of the reality. Knowledge is an external relationship from us to the other. Because it is a relationship, knowledge is always relative. It supposes some points of view, some instruments (senses, tools, concepts), some limits (those of the subject that knows.) An absolute knowledge would not be knowledge. It would be the Truth itself – if that possibly exists- with no distinction between the mind and the world. Although knowledge is relative, it is not belief or opinion. If one knows that something is true, then that thing is true. If one believes something is true, then it does not necessarily imply that thing is true. We know that Earth is a globe, then Earth is spherical. If I believe that Earth is flat, it is my belief and it has no link with the reality. At the contrary if I don’t know if the world is spherical, it does not mean the world is flat or spherical. Not knowing has the same effect as believing or having an opinion. Hence the expression in my humble opinion (IMHO in internet jargon). An opinion should always be humble, as it does not help much in getting the truth. Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom form a hierarchy, a gradual conversion from quantity to quality from noise and chaos to order, from rough facts to rational understanding, from case-by-case to generalization. Knowledge can be shared and transferred: that is the purpose of training and education. Written knowledge is relatively easy to transmit, as long as people are willing to read. However, the vast majority of human knowledge is tacit, knowledge based on experience, mental models, beliefs, and perspectives. Tacit knowledge is complex, often inexpressible, usually undocumented or extremely difficult to codify. This is where computers, books and guidelines cannot replace human interaction, apprenticeship, mentoring, or a life of experience.
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