Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2002

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is “a long-term, multi-stakeholder international process whose mission is to develop and disseminate globally acceptable Sustainability Reporting Guidlelines. These Guidelines are for voluntary use by organizations for reporting on the economic, environmental and social dimensions of their activities, products and services.” The first set of Guidelines were published in June 2000. The 2002 revised Guidelines are now available for downloading at the link below. The 2002 Guidelines provide a framework for assessing and reporting on an organization’s performance in a way that is balanced, comparable and appropriate to that organization. It outlines practical indicators for this assessment. The website below also provides information on companies using the Guidelines as well as specific Sector Supplements on Mining/Materials and Telecommunications.
weblink: Go to Guidelines websitefrom: GRIin detail XlnkS4C1 XlnkC183C

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