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Eight months after a Throne Speech introduced the Canada Corps as a vehicle for youth to promote Canada’s values of “justice, federalism and pluralistic democracy” abroad, the initiative still has no stated mandate. And what started as a program for young people has expanded to include constitutional experts, retired police officers, dietitians, teachers and even former members of Parliament. The Canada Corps is currently a secretariat within the Foreign Affairs department that employs just six people and has no phone number. Federal officials told The Globe and Mail that, although it had been discussed for some time, the Canada Corps was not added to the Throne Speech until a couple of days before it was delivered. The concept, they said, stemmed from a conversation between Mr. Martin and U.S. President George W. Bush. Mr. Martin had asked what Canada and the United States could do together to make the world a better place and Mr. Bush replied that Canada could promote Western democratic values. Source Globe and Mail. 09/29/2004
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Canada Corps

The Government of canada has launching “Canada Corps” as a vehicle for Canadian to promote Canada’s values of “justice, federalism and pluralistic democracy” abroad. “Canada has significant capacity to contribute to strengthening public sector management and support reforms to promote an enabling climate for the growth of private sector investment and entrepreneurship. The recent launch of the Canada Corps is designed to facilitate the matching of Canadian governmental and private expertise with the needs of developing countries in the general area of capacity and institution building. The Corps will deploy Canadian experts, volunteers and young professionals to deliver international assistance in the areas of governance and institution building. The initiative will consolidate and increase the co-ordination of existing Canadian efforts and will also explore new partnerships with the private sector and other levels of government in Canada.”
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Massive Change: The Future of Global Design

Curated by Bruce Mau and the “Institute Without Boundaries, this exhibition attempts to explain that design is emerging as one of the world’s most powerful forces and place humanity at the beginning of a new, unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies are becoming global, relational, and interconnected. Provocative, extensive, but whith the shortcomings expected from a designer specialized in “branding, who tries to address an immense subject and the presumptuous question: “Now that we can do anything, what will we do?”. Worth the visit, however. At the Vancouver Art Gallery until January 3, 2004
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