Excellence in Design Award

Environmental Design + Construction (ED+C)seeks project entries for its first annual Excellence In Design Awards, recognizing outstanding projects in Interior and Exterior project categories. Entries must clearly demonstrate a commitment to green building and design through use of sustainable materials – project must be completed between January 2001 – December 2002. Judges include William Browning, Green Development Services, Rocky Mountain Institute and Steven Winter, U.S. Green Building Council chair and president of Steven Winter Associates. Deadline: February 15, 2003. Entry forms: www.EDCmag.com. Contact: Editor Michelle Clark Hucal (huclam@bnp.com) for more information. ED+C is one of our Content Partners. Note: Award is open to Canadian applicants. Follow the link below.
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Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences research grants

Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences is offering research grants to faculty members and teams in Canadian universities for research in the following areas: – climate system science and climate change – extreme weather – air quality – marine environment protection Deadline for Letters of Interest is February 14, 2003. Follow the link below for detailed requirements and instructions for application.
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Funding for use of Canada’s Forests and Farmlands to fight climate change

Joint funding initiative between BIOCAP Canada Foundation and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to stimulate research dedicated to exploiting Canada’s vast biological resources to meet the challenges of global climate change. Follow link below for more detailed information.
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Film screening: Blue Vinyl

Film screening: Blue Vinyl. Described as a detective story, an eco-activism documentary and a rollicking comedy about America’s most popular plastic, this film has won awards from the Sundance Film Festival and the Environmental Grantmakers Association. For more information on the film and its Feb. 11 screening in Vancouver, see the document below.
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Position available with U.S. Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Office- Washington, DC

Position available with U.S. Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Office- Washington, DC: Program Specialist II PLEASE NOTE: This is a full-time replacement, two-year term position with possibility for extension. This position is located in Washington, DC. Resumes without cover letters will NOT be considered. Initial consideration will be given to applications received prior to Friday, January 17, 2003. Thereafter, applications will be reviewed on an as-needed basis. Application Process: http://www.fin.ucar.edu/hr/careers/ US Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) Office, Washington, DC BASIC FUNCTION: This position provides experienced professional level support to the U.S. CLIVAR office (http://www.usclivar.org/) in support of the U.S. CLIVAR program. This position reports to the Director of the U.S. CLIVAR Office. SPECIFIC DUTIES: … Advances the planning, implementation, and promotion of a vigorous U.S. CLIVAR research program by identifying, organizing, and coordinating activities relevant to program needs; … Identifies program needs and opportunities consistent with the U.S. CLIVAR program; … Develops outreach and informational articles, web pages, and reports describing CLIVAR research activities and highlighted scientific advances; … Coordinates and plans successful CLIVAR scientific workshops and conferences; … Plans and staffs meetings of U.S. CLIVAR committees; … Serves, as required, as part of the staff of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (USGCRP) project office; and … Assists the director in all aspects of advancing the U.S. CLIVAR program. Education: Bachelors degree in relevant discipline and two years experience (preference given to candidates with Masters degree and at least one year’s experience) Supervision: Works under general supervision. Work is reviewed for soundness of judgment and overall adequacy and accuracy. Skills and Abilities: … Demonstrated knowledge of the theories, principles, concepts, and research approaches addressing the variability of the coupled climate system. … Experience in climate-related research and interest in science research management. … Skill in synthesizing and summarizing scientific and/or technical information from multiple and numerous sources. … Skill in developing web pages and web content (including suitable graphics). … Strong skills in oral and written communication, including the ability to develop and give scientifically technical presentations. … Computer proficiency in word-processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and database software; and ability to work at a computer/monitor for long periods of time. … Ability to communicate and interact with a diverse group of scientists as well as with senior federal research officials. … Skill in performing tasks requiring organization and attention to detail. … Willingness to travel as needed. *** New address effective Oct 4, 2002 Dr. David M. Legler, Director U.S. CLIVAR Office 1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 250 Washington DC 20006 http://www.usclivar.org 202 419-3471 Office 202 223-3064 FAX 703 923-0139 Home legler@usclivar.org usco@usclivar.org ===========================================
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The Environmental Managers’ Association of BC presents a one-day workshop: Greening your business, building and bank account

The Environmental Managers’ Association of BC is please to invite you to attend this year’s full day conference, the topic of which is “Greening your Business, Buildings and Bank Account”. The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel, 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, B.C. on Thursday, February 27, 2003. Lunch and a networking wine and cheese event immediately following the conference are included. We will be featuring fabulous speakers, exhibitors, networking opportunities and will offer door prizes, a 50/50 draw and other exciting events throughout the day. Please see the attached conference agenda for further particulars and please feel free to call me directly at 604-643-2950 if you have any questions or want more information about any aspect of the conference. Sincerely, Michelle Pockey, Chair – EMA of BC 2003 Conference Committee Please view the file below for more information.
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Green Electricity Resources of British Columbia Map

The Green Electricity Resources of BC Map was jointly developed by BC Hydro and Canadian Cartographics Ltd. It provides detailed maps and graphs on the potential for green electricity generation in BC. The map is a result of comprehensive studies that quantified relevant climatic information, grid availability and resource generation potential for the following green energy sources for regions throughout BC: – small hydro – wind – ocean wave – tidal current – geothermal – solar – biomass More detailed information about the map and how to purchase it is available through the weblink listed below.
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Support and Incentives fro Green Building Available in Canada

Natural Resource Canada’s (NRCan) Office of Energy Efficiency (GEE) offer various tools, services and financial incentives for implementing Green Building programs. In total the GEE delivers 17 energy efficiency and alternative fuel programs aimed at the commercial, industrial, institutional, transportation and residential sectors. This “one stop” source for energy efficiency information is helping Canadians save millions of dollars each year in energy costs while drastically reducing the amount of pollutants entering our atmosphere.
source: Green BuildingCross-Ref: Energy Innovator Initiative (EII) See also XlnkS54C

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Some Benefits of Green Buildings

They are numerous opportunities to go beyond basic awareness practice and undertake building envelop retrofit projects In addition to reduced energy and operating expenses, these actions can lead to a number of primary and secondary benefits including a more comfortable workplace, improved employee health and morale, reduced sick days, a stimulated local economy through project-related employment, improved overall facility infrastructure, enhanced employee knowledge and skill sets, increased employee awareness and improved job security: Demonstrated environmental thoughtfulness often also results in heightened community awareness of a firm’s commitment to reducing the negative impact upon the environment and leads to positive press coverage.
source: Green Building See also XlnkS54C

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Green Building in Canada

Hundreds of organizations, including restaurants, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and retailers across Canada have already made the commitment to more responsible environmental stewardship and are realizing tremendous benefit through their commitment to environmental friendliness:

  • the adoption of actions and policies geared at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
  • improving energy efficiency
  • eliminating pollutants such as mercury and pesticides
  • enhancing the quality of life for employees, tenants, clients, patients and those in the surrounding communities they serve

It has been widely suggested that, for example, energy savings of up to ten percent can often be achieved through little more than procedural and operational changes. Actions which reduce energy consumption such as turning off lights in empty rooms, shutting down fans, air conditioners, electronic devices and computers at the end of the work day; etc. can reduce energy costs by tens of thousands of dollars each year and reduce GHG emissions.
source: Green Building See also XlnkS54C

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